Top 10 Benefits of Renting Storage Units

Published on 3/17/2022
Why rent a self storage unit?  Self storage offers a cost effective, secure way to store all your things.  
Here are 10 reasons why you may need to:
1.  Moving - transition between homes - There may be a time lapse between selling your home and moving into your new space.  Most self storage units offer short term rentals to help you store your home and personal goods.
2.  Staging a Home - decluttering is the first step and many would say, the most important part of staging a home.  Take that extra stuff and store it.  Various size units are available based on your need.
3.  Business Storage -Storage units provide a great alternative to businesses to store extra stock, old files, etc. in a safe, secure, and convenient way and is a much cheaper solution than building or leasing more space.
4.  Car Storage - Protection from harsh elements - store those extra vehicles in a storage unit rather than leaving outdoors.
5.  Store Heirlooms - don't take up needed space in your home with heirlooms that you want to keep but aren't using - store them in a unit instead!
6.  Sports Team Equipment - Storage units come in all sizes and smaller units would make a great place to store team equipment.  With easy access, grab your gear in minutes!  
7.  College Dorm - It's time to pack up and head home for the summer - store your stuff is a safe secure place that is out of your way until needed again.
8. Holiday Items - It is so much fun to decorate for the holidays but not so much fun finding a place to store it all.  Keep all of your holiday decorations organized and stored in a storage unit!  Much easier to get to than up the stairs of attic!
9.  Collector's Items - Whether it's cars, trains, bobbleheads, coins, or stamps... if whatever you collect is taking over your home, bring it to a storage unit to store safely and securely.
10.  Declutter - Whether you follow the Marie Kondo methods of simplifying your home, helping a family or friend, or simply just need extra room, a storage unit can be a perfect solution.  

Holmco Storage Solutions offers many sizes of units, short and long term storage, at an affordable cost.  Conveniently located, gated, and secure, we offer easy access to your belongings and are dedicated to keeping your stuff safe!