What size unit is right for you?

Published on 5/4/2022



5x10 UNIT: About the size of a large dorm room or efficiency apartment.   Will fit any sized mattress and is perfect for outdoor tools, boxes, and small furniture.


10X10 UNIT:  About the same size as standard bedroom and can hold approximately all appliances, furniture, and boxes of a 2 bedroom apartment.


10x15 UNIT:  Can hold contents of a 2-3 bedroom home and could fit a compact car, or ideal for business material storage.  


10x20 UNIT:  About the size of a 1 car garage and could fit a larger home, a car, or a boat.  (depending on the width- our doors are 8ft. wide)


10x25 UNIT:  Almost as big as a two car garage and could fit contents from a 4-5 bedroom home, appliances, larger car or truck, or make a very large space for your business to store extra inventory well organized.  

Remember, we have outdoor spots too- perfect for that extra vehicle, boat, camper, trailer, etc!  Rent online today at Holmcostoragesolutions.com.